Monday, January 16th, 2012

Another Vet Visit

Clayton went to the vet last week after not eating for a couple of meals. He was fine Monday morning, but didn’t eat Monday night or Tuesday morning. Tuesday I took him in to see the vet. They checked him out, did X-rays, gave him an anti-nausea shot, and sent us home.

He still didn’t eat the rest of the day Tuesday or on Wednesday. So we returned Wednesday morning, and they kept him there for most of the day, hooked him up to an IV, ran bloodwork, did more X-rays. The bloodwork results were very good and the X-rays looked fine as well.

I brought him home Wednesday afternoon. He devoured his meal with his typical gusto and has been eating fine ever since. The vet believes he ate something that disagreed with him and made him not want to eat. That’s probably true, and I think getting the fluid and nutrients from the IV made him feel better. So he was hungry once again.

My Clayton is back to himself, except the hair that had to be shaved so they could do the IV. Now he’s a poodle pirate.

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  1. Jan says:

    Glad to hear that Clayton is all right. They might have shaved the other leg just in the interest of Poodle fashion.

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