Growing up, my trips through the neighborhood were as carefully planned as a game of Battleship. As planned as a kid’s mind can be, anyway. Would I hit the target or miss? My goal was simple: reach my destination without being followed by one of the self-appointed guardians of the area—large, hulking dogs with booming voices. Sometimes I achieved that goal. Hit. Other times the hulking figures followed (or chased) me. Miss.

When that happened, these neighborhood watchmen were not deterred by anything I did. They just stayed with me, mostly at my heels, until they were satisfied that I was well on my way. In the meantime, my heart pounded and I sweated all the way home. More than once I feared bringing a bite home with me.

It’s safe to say my childhood experiences with dogs were largely negative.

As I grew older, I met other dogs. They were always jumpy, slobbery, and a bit too earnest. And what was up with the barking?

By the time I graduated high school, I was well established as not being a dog person.

So everyone (myself included) was surprised when I went to the humane society with a friend who was looking for a canine pal and came home with a dog of my own. At thirty-something, I was a first-time dog owner who knew next to nothing about dogs.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. For the first month, I felt like I was in well over my head. But my friend helped me through that rough period. I also did a lot of research plus a good deal of dog training, where I discovered that I needed people training as well. Three years after I brought Cupid home, I still do not consider myself a dog expert. I’m just someone with two dogs who is proud to say, “I’m a dog person.”

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